Responding to Christ by serving the needy & impoverished in His Name


Led by the Holy Spirit, we seek to bring Christ centered restoration to needy and impoverished children, families and their communities through domestic and international partnerships with local people, all for the Glory of God.



We support three new indigenous NGO run by Ethiopians to serve Ethiopians, allowing us to truly be a part of a grassroots, indigenous organizations. Each project has a unique approach to helping the people in their community, through family support plans that specifically target families and larger community projects like co-ops.

Ethiopia is a bright and bold country, blessed with incredible people and resources. With the faithful help from all of our supporters we have seen God give the people of Ethiopia access to their own potential. We ask you to prayerfully consider what it would look like for you to get involved? Be it coming along side a family with a support plan, or helping with a larger project or maybe joining a team and seeing it all first hand!